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Pray for Ibba

October 2020: Let Us Pray

Our Bishop has designated OCTOBER as a month of prayer for Ibba, South Sudan. The Diocese of Ibba is in need of prayer. Not only is the current pandemic a concern, but they have suffered from torrential rains and flooding, they are facing political unrest and armed conflict, and in addition to all that, most people are experiencing food insecurity and severe lack of livelihood opportunities.

Bishop Kamani, Bishop of Ibba, has requested prayer for:

  • Favorable weather for abundant harvests and food security for everyone;
  • Opportunities to rebuild homes and save crops affected by the floods;
  • For the unity of Christians in the Diocese of Ibba;
  • Access to training and education around health and safety, especially regarding the necessity of masks, hand washing, and social distancing during the pandemic.

Please pray with us each day throughout the month of October and each week in your worship services, as a joined community.