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Regional Deans

Athabasca Deanery - The Rev. Dr. Blessing Shambare

Peace Deanery - The Rev. Deacon Danielle McKenzie


Members of Diocesan Executive Council

The Rt. Rev. David Greenwood, Bishop

The Ven. Canon Terry Leer, Archdeacon

The Very Rev. Jason Haggstrom, Dean

Ms. Kelinda Roberts, Secretary

Ms. Vicki Townson, Treasurer

Ms. Dorothy Malone, Registrar

Ms. Candace Mahaffey, ACW President

Athabasca Deanery:

The Rev. Dr. Blessing Shambare, The Rev. Rose Howell, Joanna Muzyka, Ross Alexander, and Willi Whiston.

Peace Deanery:

The Rev. Deacon Danielle McKenzie, The Rev. Leon Cadsap, Mike McMann, Gail Shewchuk, and Peter Clarke.


Provincial Synod Delegates

The Rev. Dr. Blessing Shambare, The Rev. Fariborz Khandani, The Rev. Deacon Karen Kovacs, Willi Whiston, Kevin Pederson and Candace Mahaffey.