Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

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We want to help people find and follow Jesus!
Come and live a meaning-filled life with us.

Don't ask the Universe: "What is the meaning of life?"

Rather, hear God ask you: "What is the meaning of YOUR life?"

See God stretch out His hand and say: "Come and see." Feel God guide you. Live in Shalom.

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The Faith in Fifteen

Episode #2 - Jesus

Let Us Pray

Archdeacon Leer would like to pray this prayer with you.

Please allow me to pray with you. 

Lord God, we give you thanks that you have revealed yourself to us. 

We thank you for the privilege of knowing you as Creator, Saviour and Spirit Guide. We want to believe in you as you have revealed yourself in Jesus of Nazareth. Today we choose to enter into a meaningful relationship with you. We give our lives to you and ask you to enter our lives through the Holy Spirit. 

Thank you for this. Guard us in this new relationship. Guide us in the Christian faith. And enable us to live your life here on earth.  Amen.