The Regional Dean is a senior pastoral position in the Diocese.  They are assigned  a specific geographic area of the Diocese and, within that area, they assist the Bishop in pastoral duties as necessary.  The Regional Dean is a caring and loving role.  As such, it is important that the Regional Dean:

  • Support the pastoral needs of the clergy in their Deanery.  This involves frequent, ongoing communication with the clergy (at least monthly) for sharing and for prayer.
  • Alert the Bishop of any issues which they become aware of.  The Regional Dean should be aware of any issues with the clergy themselves, their families, the social contexts in which the clergy find themselves, or between the clergy and their respective parishes.  The Regional Dean should be aware of any issues with the financial, physical, or spiritual health of the parishes within the Deanery.  
  • Participate in the Bishop’s Advisory Council as requested by the Bishop.


The Regional Deans:

  1. Contribute as full members of the Diocesan Executive Council, this includes submitting for distribution a report on the deanery for the DEC at each meeting;
  2. Are clergy who are nominated by the Deanery Chapter and appointed by the Bishop;
  3. Assist the Bishop in the pastoral care of the clergy and parishes (as noted above);
  4. Preside at meetings of the deanery clericus, deanery chapter, and at deanery conferences: it is expected the deanery clericus meet at least twice per year, the deanery chapter meet at least yearly, and deanery conferences occur as opportune.
  5. Assist parishes with respect to renovation and new construction plans (as per Regulation 14);
  6. Receive a copy of the annual inspection of church property from each parish (as per Regulation # 5) in the deanery, and alert the parishes as necessary to maintain the physical health of their infrastructure;
  7. Carry out such duties as may be assigned to them by the Bishop.