Episode #1 - The Bible as Library
In episode one we examine the Bible, not as a single book, but as the authoritative and normative library of God’s dealings with his Chosen People.

Episode #2 - Jesus
Archdeacon Leer outlines the identity of Jesus and the impact of believing in him

Please allow me to pray with you. 

Lord God, we give you thanks that you have revealed yourself to us. We thank you for the privilege of knowing you as Creator, Saviour and Spirit Guide. We want to believe in you as you have revealed yourself in Jesus of Nazareth. Today we choose to enter into a meaningful relationship with you. We give our lives to you and ask you to enter our lives through the Holy Spirit. 

Thank you for this. Guard us in this new relationship. Guide us in the Christian faith. And enable us to live your life here on earth. Amen.