We would love to meet you.
  • Where is the the Diocese of Athabasca? In Northern Alberta, Canada 
  • Will I be welcome? Yes! We love to meet new people and get to know them - you are most welcome.
  • Do I have to do anything special to join you? Not at all, just join in at a parish near you and you will be greeted by friendly, helpful people.
  • What's it like? Different places have slightly different ways but all will be friendly, welcoming places that praise and worship God in words and music.
  • Are my kids welcome? Most certainly! Don't worry if they are lively, Church is a place for joy.
  • Do I have to give money to attend? No. There will be a time to donate if you wish but nobody is obliged to do so. Praising God is not about money but saving souls.
  • Who can help me learn more? Still unsure? Contact a leader in the location you wish to visit (see Our Parishes) or contact us at dioath@telusplanet.net